The Act and Regulations


The University of Divinity is constituted by the University of Divinity Act 1910 of the Parliament of Victoria. The Act permits the Council to make Regulations to govern the University, and requires the Council to maintain an Academic Board which advises the Council on all academic matters. Some Regulations empower the Council or the Academic Board to make formal Determinations. These are appended to the published copy of the relevant Regulation.

The first file in this list is a consolidated copy of the Act and all Regulations and Determinations. It is updated annually. The current version of each Regulation is listed below separately incorporating any changes made since the last consolidation.  Repealed Regulations concerning awards in teach-out mode, or earlier versions of Regulations available to students enrolled prior to major revisions, are listed in the third section below.

The Act

Regulations (current)

Regulations (with effect from 1 January 2019)

Former Regulations