Research Scholarships

The University of Divinity offers government-funded research scholarships on a competitive basis to eligible HDR students.

Research Scholarships

From 1 January 2017, the Commonwealth Government funds Research Scholarships through the Research Training Program. At the University of Divinity, two scholarships are available under the new funding scheme: Research Fee Scholarships (RFS) and Research Stipend Scholarships (RSS). All existing RTS, APA and IPRS recipients will be automatically transferred to the RFS and / or RSS schemes under the University’s Research Scholarships Policy. Students were advised in writing of how the changes affect them in late December 2016.

Research Scholarships Policy

Research Scholarship Application Form

Research Fee Scholarships (RFS)

Research Fee Scholarships cover tuition fees for eligible doctoral students for a maximum of four years of full-time study (or part-time equivalent). RFS places are awarded competitively in two rounds each year by the Research Committee. Students who are admitted to HDR candidature but who are not given an RFS place may pay their fees up-front or through FEE-HELP and may be eligible to apply for an RFS place in future years. The RFS is available to both domestic and overseas students.

Research Stipend Scholarships (RSS)

Research Stipend Scholarships provide a living allowance of approximately $24,653 per annum (as determined each year by the Commonwealth). RSS places are awarded competitively in two rounds each year by the Research Committee. Applicants are usually awarded both an RFS and RSS. Recipients of the RSS must be enrolled full-time in a doctoral award.  The RSS is available to both domestic and overseas students.