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Colleges where it can be studied
  • Australian Lutheran College
  • Catholic Theological College
  • Yarra Theological Union


Overseas students


AQF level

Level 8 – Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma

Study load
  • Part-time
Study mode
  • Online
  • Blended (combination of Online and Face-to-face)
  • Face-to-face

The GCTRE is offered part-time over two years.

Cost of study

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education requires completion of 72 points over two years and the course structure differs for each College: ALC students complete three 24 point units;  CTC students complete three 16 point units and one 24 point unit;  YTU students complete four 16 point units and one 12 point unit.
The cost of the course at 2021 fees is $7,920.

Fees are subject to change from year to year. For more information about fees, please visit the Fees page.

Detailed information

What this course is about

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education prepares graduates to teach religious education.  It provides graduates with knowledge of the disciplines, principles, practices and traditions that form the basis for religious education.

At Catholic Theological College and Yarra Theological Union the award fulfils the requirements of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Policy 1.7 Accreditation to Teach Religious Education in a Catholic School.

Course learning outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education

  1. have a foundational knowledge and skills in theological disciplines of importance for teaching religious education.
  2. have enhanced their capabilities to engage with particular faith traditions and spirituality.
  3. have ability to communicate religious traditions to students by drawing critically on appropriate sources.
  4. apply knowledge of contemporary approaches to the learning and teaching of religious education.
  5. apply their knowledge to religious awareness and faith formation of students and the formation of religious identity in a school community.
Follow on study

Graduates may proceed to study at Graduate Diploma or Masters’ level.


Admission dates

For admissions information please consult Australian Lutheran College or Catholic Theological College or Yarra Theological Union.

Admission criteria

Successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or an approved equivalent.

How to Apply

Course structure

The GCTRE is offered in three streams:

Students at Australian Lutheran College complete the following units:

  • DE8004L Introduction to Lutheran Education
  • CT8001L The Christ-centred School
  • DR8012L Teaching in a Lutheran Education Context

Students at Catholic Theological College complete the following units:

  • BS8602C Introducing the Bible
  • CT8605C In Dialogue with the Catholic Tradition: Foundational Theology for Teachers
  • CT9606C Being Followers of Christ: Sacramental and Moral Life
  • DR8600C Introduction to the Principles and Practice of Religious Education

Students at Yarra Theological Union complete the following units:


  • BS8601Y Introduction to Scripture for Religious Educators
  • CT8602Y Jesus Christ Today: Church, Mission and Sacraments
  • DR8603Y Foundations of Religious Education
  • DT8604Y Making Our Moral Choices in Life: A Value Added Approach
  • DR8605Y Integrative Exercise


Academic dress

Academic gown

Black Bachelor gown


Black trencher



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