Fellows of the Melbourne College of Divinity 1982-2011

In 1982 the Melbourne College of Divinity resolved to appoint Fellows of the MCD. Four Foundation Fellows were appointed, and provision was made for appointment of up to twenty Fellows.

+ The Very Revd Dr Percy Jones (1983)

+ The Revd Dr J Davis McCaughey AC (1983)

+ Prof Robin L Sharwood AM (1983)

+ E Lyall Williams (1983)

The Revd Prof Austin Cooper omi AM (1990)

+ The Revd Dr Norman G Curry AM (1990)

+ The Revd Dr Mervyn Himbury (1990)

+ Sr Dr Joan Nowotny ibvm (1990)

+ The Revd Prof George S S Yule (1990)

+ The Revd Prof Robert A Anderson AM (1993)

The Revd Prof Harry R Wardlaw (1993)

+ The Revd Prof Nigel M Watson (1993)

+ The Revd Dr William J Dalton sj (1994)

+ The Revd Dr Humphrey O’Leary CSsR (1995)

The Revd Prof Norman J Young (1995)

The Revd Bruce L Barber (1996)

The Revd Brian Kingston Smith (1997)

The Revd Prof Ian Breward (1999)

The Revd Emeritus Prof Norman M Ford sdb (2001)

The Revd Dr Kenneth R Manley (2001)

+ The Revd Dr Campion Murray ofm (2003)

+ The Revd Dr John E Paver (2003)

Sr Prof Maryanne Confoy rsc (2006)

The Revd Dr William Tabbernee (2007)

The Revd Merrill A Kitchen OAM (2011)