Our History

The University of Divinity is over a century old, having been established in 1910 as the Melbourne College of Divinity.


The Melbourne College of Divinity (MCD) is founded by an Act of the Victorian Parliament. The College is constituted by a group of churches based in Victoria, and its awards overseen by its President and Registrar. The founding degrees are the BD and the DD, and the first degrees are awarded in 1913.


The Act is revised, bringing the Roman Catholic Church into the College. The Act allows the recognition of ‘Associated Teaching Institutions’ that teach the degrees of the MCD. The role of Dean is created. A BTheol is created as a new undergraduate degree.


The University of Divinity (UD) begins operation as a University, following approval in 2011 by the Victorian Government. The first Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor are appointed. The teaching institutions are designated as Colleges of the University. In 2016 the Act is revised to be renamed as the University of Divinity Act 1910 with effect from 1 January 2017.

Former Officebearers


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