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Colleges where it can be studied
  • Jesuit College of Spirituality
Overseas students


AQF level

Level 8 – Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma

Study load
  • Part-time
  • Full-time
Study mode
  • Face-to-face

The GCISp is one semester full-time or up to three semesters part-time.

Cost of study

The Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Spirituality requires completion of 3 standard postgraduate units. Fees for 2020 are $2,640 per unit or $7,920 for a full-time semester (3 units).

Fees are subject to change from year to year. For more information about fees, please visit the Fees page.

Detailed information

What this course is about

The Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Spirituality allows students to understand personal spiritual experience through introductory study of themes and approaches in Ignatian spirituality. It serves as a foundation for students’ ministry in a range of contexts, and for further study in spiritual direction. Graduates are able to articulate insights for Christian practice and identity.

Course learning outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Spirituality

  1. have reflected critically on their experience in light of foundational Ignatian themes, sources and approaches to prayer
  2. have knowledge of the dynamics of spiritual growth and methods of prayer as described in the Ignatian tradition and the Spiritual Exercises
  3. apply Ignatian understanding to ongoing personal formation and decision-making
  4. apply Ignatian principles and insights to understanding life, work and community.
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Admission dates
  • Admissions for first semester 2020 close on Friday 14 February 2020.
  • Admissions for second semester 2020 close on Friday 17 July 2020.
Admission criteria

Successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or an approved equivalent.

How to apply

How to Enrol

Course structure

The Graduate Certificate in Ignatian Spirituality consists of 72 points comprised of one Foundational unit:

a)    DS8011J or DS8019J Ignatian Discernment and Decision-Making

and two of the following Elective units:

b)    DS9291J or DS9299J Identity, Vocation, Mission

c)    DS9091J or DS9099J Key Meditations and Rules in the Spiritual Exercises

d)    DS9081J or DS9089J The Weeks of the Spiritual Exercises

e)    DS8361J or DS8369J or DR8361J or DR8369J Ignatian Pedagogy: A Contemporary Vision

f)    DS9071J or DS9079J Gospel Narratives in Ignatian Contemplation

Academic dress

Academic gown

Black Bachelor gown


Black trencher



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