Graduate Certificate in Ageing

Overseas student type

You are an overseas student if you are:

  • a temporary resident (visa status) of Australia,
  • a permanent resident (visa status) of New Zealand, or
  • a resident or citizen of any other country.

Conditions of study for this course

This course is available to overseas students residing in Australia and overseas students studying overseas.

  • If residing in Australia, you will require a visa that allows study and note any conditions specified.  These visas include;
      • You cannot study more than 1/3 of this course online.
  • If residing overseas, you will not require a visa to study this course.


The Graduate Certificate in Ageing allows students to engage in focused learning which will assist them to undertake pastoral care roles in residential and community settings especially in church sponsored aged care facilities. Graduates will be able to articulate insights from a theological and ecclesial understandings of pastoral care.

Course outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Ageing:

  1. have a detailed understanding of the ageing profile of the Australian population;
  2. have an understanding of the theological, spiritual, pastoral care, and ethical dimensions of human ageing in our Australian context;
  3. have the skills to evaluate critically contemporary approaches to ageing and the care of aged persons;
  4. apply the skills necessary to develop, implement, and evaluate pastoral strategies for care of ageing persons in diverse community settings and in a religiously pluralist social context;
  5. apply understanding and skills to articulate and implement a pastoral care strategy that is attentive to the religious, spiritual, ethical, and pastoral care needs of ageing persons.

Course structure

The Graduate Certificate in Ageing consists of 72 points comprised of:

  • DT9631C Ageing Persons and Pastoral Care
  • DT8632C Human Ageing: Theological and Spiritual Perspectives
  • DT9633C Ethical Issues and Human Ageing

Colleges where this course is available

  • Catholic Theological College

    Catholic Theological College

    Roman Catholic
    Classroom, Online, Mixed modes
    East Melbourne VIC
  • Catholic Theological College
    Online mode
    East Melbourne VIC


    The standard full-time duration of the Graduate Certificate in Ageing is six months. The Graduate Certificate in Ageing must be completed in not less than six months and not more than two years from the date on which the course is commenced.

    Standard full-time 6 months
    Maximum part-time 2 years

    Admission criteria

    Successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or an approved equivalent.

    Fee summary

    The Graduate Certificate in Ageing requires completion of 3 standard postgraduate units. Fees for 2022 are $2,732 per unit or $8,196 for a full-time semester (3 units).

    Fees are subject to change from year to year. For more information about fees, please visit the Fees page.

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