ALC Seminar and Book Launch

Seminar 3, 2018

A closer look at the postscript of Psalm 72:20

Presenter: Reverend Dr Adam Hensley
Date: Tuesday 5 June, 2018
Time: 1:30-2:30pm
Location: Lecture Room 1, Australian Lutheran College, 104 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide SA
RSVP: by Friday 1 June | | 08 7120 8200

Abstract: Psalm 72:20, ‘Ended are the prayers of David, son of Jesse’ (kāllȗ tepillȏt dāwid ben yišāy), has been variously explained in view of subsequent Davidic psalms in the Psalter. Although the postscript may owe its origin to a redaction-historical ‘stage’ in the Psalter’s growth as a collection (at which scholars can only now guess), the genealogical qualifier ‘ben Jesse’ offers an important clue to how it was understood in a Psalter large enough to encompass subsequent Davidic psalms. In short, Davidic psalms pre-Psalm 72 chiefly have the historical David ben Jesse and founding figure of the Davidic covenant in view, and by implication Davidic psalms and mentions of David thereafter have future or eschatological ‘David’/Davidic monarchy as their chief referent.

This is not to say that ‘historical David’ is lost to view post-Psalm 72, nor a future ‘David’/Davidic monarchy pre-Psalm 72, but that 72:20 marks a shift in focus, identifying Davidic psalms pre- and post-Psalm 72 as ‘prayers’ of historical David and future/eschatological ‘David’ respectively. By way of illustration, a brief examination of ‘David’ in Book III is offered to explore how this ‘genealogical explanation’ might function within the larger Psalter.

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Book Launch

You are invited to the launch of Covenant relationships and the editing of the Hebrew Psalter by Reverend Dr Adam Hensley

2:30pm, Tuesday 5 June 2018
Lecture room 1, ALC
Commencing after the Research Seminar
Light refreshments provided.
RSVP: by Friday 1 June | | 08 7120 8200

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