Damien Arnold

BA, GradDipAcc, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Damien is responsible for financial strategy and accountability. He is a member of the Finance and Investment Committee and Risk Management and Audit Committee of the Council of the University of Divinity. Responsibilities include preparation of the business plan, annual budget, capital plan, annual financial statements, and assisting the Vice-Chancellor and Council to resource the University’s Strategic Plan.

Tricia Lewis


Business Manager

Tricia is responsible for key financial operational activities of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. Tricia is secretary to the Finance and Investment Committee of the Council of University of Divinity. Responsibilities include managing accounts payable and collection of student tuition fees,  Tricia works closely with staff at the Colleges, especially Registrars and Business Managers, to administer a comprehensive system for all payments to Colleges and libraries.

Jason Gu


Financial Accountant

Jason assists the Chief Financial Officer in financial reporting, managing cash flow and administering the financial operations of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. He is responsible for processing student tuition fee payments, for invoicing Colleges and sponsors, and for assisting the Business Manager in making payments to Colleges and libraries.

Jelena Jovanovic


Finance Officer

Jelena supports the Chief Financial Officer through accurate and efficient processing and recording of financial transactions. She works with the Business Manager and Financial Accountant to process transactions, prepare regulatory information and respond to queries in an accurate and timely manner. Jelena also liaises with member colleges and students of the University on financial matters.