The University Council

The Council of the University of Divinity is constituted under the University of Divinity Act 1910 of the Victorian Parliament:

  • Church appointments (11): Two members appointed by each of the Anglican Church, Baptist Union, Churches of Christ, Roman Catholic Church, Uniting Church; and one member appointed by the Lutheran Church
  • Official appointments (2): The Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of the Academic Board
  • Council appointments (3): Three members appointed by the Council

Church-appointed and Council-appointed members of the Council are not remunerated. The Vice-Chancellor is an employee of the Council, and the home College of the Chair of the Academic Board receives a payment for release of this staff member’s time.

The Council presently has twelve external members (i.e. persons who are not employees, staff or students of the University) and three internal members (these include the Vice-Chancellor and the Chair of the Academic Board). There is one vacancy.

The Council operates within structures established under Regulation 1 and in accordance with the Council Charter.

Current Members of Council

  • Chancellor: Dr Graeme Blackman AO FTSE FAICD (appointed by the Anglican Church)
  • Deputy Chancellor: The Revd Dr Andrew Menzies (appointed by the Churches of Christ)
  • Vice-Chancellor: Professor Peter Sherlock (official appointment)
  • Chair of Academic Board: The Revd Associate Professor Frank Rees (official appointment)
  • Professor Jeanette Baird (appointed by the Council)
  • Professor Annette Braunack-Mayer (appointed by the Lutheran Church of Australia)
  • Mr Nick Fels (appointed by Council)
  • The Revd Dr Avril Hannah-Jones (appointed by the Uniting Church in Australia)
  • Emeritus Professor Anne Hunt OAM FACE (appointed by the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Emeritus Professor Margaret Jackson (appointed by Council)
  • The Revd Katrina Lambert (appointed by the Baptist Union of Victoria)
  • Emeritus Professor Gabrielle McMullen AM FRACI (appointed by the Roman Catholic Church)
  • The Revd Robert Morsillo (appointed by the Baptist Union of Victoria)
  • Mr Joel Plotnek (appointed by the Churches of Christ)
  • Associate Professor Natalie Sims (appointed by the Uniting Church in Australia)

Committees of the Council

The Council is supported by seven standing Committees, which bring together members of Council, staff in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, members of the University’s Colleges, and external experts. The Terms of Reference for these Committees are found in the Determinations to Regulation 1.

  • Finance and Investment Committee
  • Governance and Nominations Committee
  • Grants Committee
  • Human Research Ethics Committee
  • Risk Management and Audit Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Review Committee